Author Topic: SB vs Albany 5/1 730pm  (Read 3344 times)

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Re: SB vs Albany 5/1 730pm
« Reply #30 on: May 01, 2014, 10:11:15 pm »
well good luck to UA in teh finals and here's to hoping that we carry this momentum into next year.  we looked great at times, notably the 1st and 4th.  nevertheless, this was a painful loss at home to an arch rival. 

the positives- defnese was good at times.  johnny had a big game, so did rowe.  i thought curry stood out.  luca held ty to 0, 1.  we made halftime adjustments.  slide timing improved over the game.  spread the ball out on offense.  rooney's clutch grounders. 

negatives- second slides were weak.  defensemen on the GLE with the stick downfield.  losing the ball to a short stick wtih 1min left.  gave miles with 15 shots.  failure to cover open shooter in crease in overtime.  15 turnovers.  easty trimmed the mullet. 

all in all, we played better than normal and it was a good day for SB. 
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