Author Topic: SB vs Albany 5/1 730pm  (Read 3333 times)

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Re: SB vs Albany 5/1 730pm
« on: April 29, 2014, 12:51:59 pm »

Here's something scary about Stony Brook-Albany in the semifinals of the tournament: Albany's offense ranks third nationally in efficiency; Stony Brook's defense ranks 64 nationally in efficiency. The Seawolves' gigantic possession margin advantage means next to nothing if Stony Brook plays to script against the Danes. Just look at the truncated tempo-free profiles: The Seawolves are yielding -- on a 100-possession basis -- to their opposition almost as many goals as the Danes are scoring -- on a 100-possession basis -- against their opponents. That's the formula for a bloodbath, one that could see the Great Danes mirror their 17-7 shellacking of Stony Brook from earlier in the season. The Seawolves need to find a way to create defensive stops, and a major factor in determining whether Stony Brook can create those stops is in how the Seawolves and Danes control and create off-ball movement when Albany has the bean: Stony Brook's defense ranks 63rd in defensive assist rate (assists per 100 defensive opportunities); Albany's offense ranks first in offensive assist rate (assists per 100 offensive opportunities). The quality of shots that the Seawolves give up will ultimately dictate whether the team's defense can give Stony Brook enough to compete with Albany.

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