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Re: SB Lacrosse 2017 Season
« Reply #120 on: February 25, 2017, 03:11:42 pm »
beginning of Q4, no faceoff, SB EMO.  save and kills flag.  bitzer skip pass from x to corpo up top, long bouncer from 12 yards. 20-11 SB

mccaleb to molloy cutting inside. 20-12 SB

macie save.  brown timeout, Q4 835

panepinto swim dodges up top, steps in and shoots a bouncer from 10 yards. 20-13 SB

ensuing faceoff gets flipped to rees, escapes between two men, shoots on break. 21-13 SB

brown break, pass knocked down, mccaleb to molloy, shoots sidearm from 9 yards. 21-14 SB

SB timeout, Q4 756

brown puts some double pressure on, reh around cage, his man falls at 5x5, has 3 seconds to pick a corner from 6 yards. 22-14 SB

pugal big takeaway.  and GB.  CVG another takeaway on a brown clear, gets GB and shoots on empty net, i think thats 8 goals (third game). 23-14 SB

brown ten man ride.  brown flag, ntshaykolo slashing (he's dirty), SB EMO.  corpo hits pipe, ball goes the other way, molloy outside feeds inside to panepinto, turn and shoot.  man down goal. 23-15 SB

macie save low.  molloy backs in, turns and flips inside crease to collins on doorstep. 23-16 SB

brown flag, ottens illegal procedure on faceoff.  SB EMO.  lloyd up top, to white on wing, overhand bouncer. 24-16 SB

macie save.  SB timeout, Q4 247

brown pulls goalie with 3min left.  reh beats three, scores open net. 25-16 SB

kniffin on a break, drives left pipe and shoots righty bouncer. 25-17 SB

macie intercepts a pass.  ntshaykolo another dirty hit, brown flag.  play on, miller gets flagged for slashing.  SB kills the rest.

final SB 25-17
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