Author Topic: SB Lacrosse 2017 Season  (Read 84371 times)

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Re: SB Lacrosse 2017 Season
« Reply #120 on: February 25, 2017, 02:37:52 pm »
beginning of Q3.  some rain.  up and down play.  macie save.  SB flag, brown EMO.  lucchese on the wing, low to high pegs corner. 10-7 SB

ottens wins ensuing faceoff, straight down the middle and scores. 10-8 SB

rees on break feeds inside to anderson (with poles) who turns and feeds to CVG alone on crease. 11-8 SB

ottens wins faceoff, break to molloy, low to high. 11-9 SB

haun draws double at 5x5, CVG follows and takes feed, backhanded reverse no look goes in, his 7th today. 12-9 SB

anderson facing off.  pugal tripping, SB flag.  then brown unnecessary roughness, brown flag.  5v5 SB ball.  reh hangs up his man at x, drives righty, turn and shoot. 13-9 SB

both flags stay, 5v5.  ottens wins ensuing faceoff, straight down middle and shoots. 13-10 SB

still 5v5.  corpo sweeps and shoots lefty from 13 yards. 14-10 SB

white wing dodge, shoots low. 15-10 SB

break, feed from haun in crease outward to bitzer up top, a high to high laser from 13 yards.  goss gets pulled. 16-10 SB

hudak wing dodge, feeds cross field to kniffin on crease. 16-11 SB

pedone at faceoff now.  rain picks up.  haun dodges from x, his defender drops his stick, haun turns and picks high inside corner.  17-11 SB

fast break to anderson, box fake and shoots low stickside corner. 18-11 SB

rees on faceoff now.  haun at GLE, inside roll and picks a high corner as rain picks up heavy. 19-11 SB

brown flag with a split second left, so no faceoff to start the next Q.

end of 3Q; 19-11 SB
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