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Re: SB Lacrosse 2017 Season
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thanks!  all great info. 

IL did a writeup with photos:

Stony Brook

Like Notre Dame, Stony Brook has some big holes to fill from last year’s squad. The graduating class – which included attackmen Challen Rogers and Cody Eastwood, defender Dylan Curry, and goaltender Zach Oliveri – were key players throughout their career as Seawolves. In Saturday’s scrimmages, the coaching staff used the entire roster and shuffled players into different positions to see what potential the squad might have come 2017.

“We lost that big senior class that scored all those goals. We are just moving guys around to figure it out,” said head coach Jim Nagle. “Top to bottom, I think we are more athletic, but we are a little unseasoned and have a lot to work on. It’s a good group. I like the way they responded today.”

Rogers himself accounted for 22 goals last season and 59 points, production that Nagle admits is unlikely to be replicated by another player on the roster. What he does have is a deep, skilled team that will have to rely on teamwork and chemistry on both sides of the field to find success this season.

“We’re going to be a different team with more two-way potential than we’ve previously had, more by committee. I don’t think you replace a Challen Rodgers,” said Nagle.

One of those who will have to step up is senior Ryan Bitzer. The Riverhead, N.Y., native was a leading scorer last season and showed this past weekend he is still a dual threat with the ball in 6-on-6 offense or transition. He understands how Stony Brook will have to play this season and is looking forward to getting his teammates involved.

“We never really rely on one guy. We rely on one group,” said Bitzer. “We are all about team ball. We all play as one.”

In the first game against Navy, Stony Brook struggled to generate momentum due to sloppiness with the ball and lack of possession. Face-off specialist Jay Lindsay will return for the 2017 season, but is taking a semester off due to his graduate studies.

It was in the second game against Notre Dame where the Seawolves potential new style was on display. They turned the Fighting Irish’s offensive mistakes, as well as timely saves from freshman goaltender Michael Bollinger, into transition chances that ended up in the back of the net. While the inexperienced defense will need time to grow together, longstick midfielder Ryland Rees, Justin Pugal, and other veterans will be pivotal to helping them out and pushing the pace forward, not backward. 

“Ryland Rees and a couple of our guys can push the pace in transition. That will probably be our hallmark more than slow the ball down,” admitted Nagle.
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