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Re: SB Lacrosse 2015 Season
« Reply #315 on: April 06, 2015, 09:46:52 am »
Game 12- SB at UML
4/10 630pm
video: pending
49' and rain all day (80-90%) 
gametime moved up 30 min (i think).  new program here and first in the series.  as a result, they brought in a massive recruiting class, which runs up and down the east coast and even canada.  i havent seen them play.  not much info out there.  they are coached by ed stephenson, the former bingo coach. 

at 1-9 in their maiden voyage, they defeated another new program, NJ Tech, by a score of 9-7.  the canucks get the lion's share of points.  they've played some good teams (yale, fairfield, albany) but havent really been in any games, except the lone victory.  albany just pasted them 25-0, which sounds like a score that couldve been 35-0.

its tough for new programs.  to add on to the pile, they are starting almost all freshman and a few sophomores.  in fact, the team has no upperclassmen.  they're 0-4 in the conference already and i think most likely eliminated from the postseason.  they've played two different goalies. 

any word on whether luca and johnstone are healthy?  defense played outstanding 1v1 defense vs PU, and also recovered quickly on early slides (Lucas Rock in particular- A plus). 

i note we are running four middies this year, with chicquen at times getting on as a fifth.  our offense pushes the ball hard on the dodge, and whips it around quickly, creating backside opportunities.  fortunately, we have the outside shooters to threaten from the top, and the sneaky attackmen who can get open on the GLE. 

SB looked pretty good against princeton, at least for 3 quarters.  four wins in a row, 3-1 on the road, scoring over 14 GPG.  i like the wolves to get their third conference win and move on to Lehigh this sunday, which is at LaValle.

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