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Re: SB Lacrosse 2015 Season
« Reply #315 on: April 05, 2015, 11:26:25 pm »
on to the boxscore.  last week i made a comment about our one-handedness on offense.  and last week corpo banged a lefty laser.  this week, hughes with a righty laser.  they should do it more! 

we somehow won GBs 33-26; if you watched the game, that almost cant be right...

we talked the last three seasons about all the one goal losses... they are starting to turn into three goal wins.  i imagine that if we had luca and johnstone we'd have done better.  we hit a few posts.  their goalie made some outstanding doorstep saves. 

i was praising our d-mids and while orban had 5, the rest of the midfield and the bench was shut down.  again, great game for our d-midsm, regardless.

we needed hop to lose this wkd to move up even more, and got it.  yale already won.  navy lost which helps.  lets hope PU keeps winning; fairfield and marist too.  are duke and albany on notice???  GO SB
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