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Re: Lacrosse News
« on: October 09, 2012, 02:58:16 pm »
Me too, he seems like a Cuse guy. 

Also something to keep in mind- we are SB.  We dont need to pick up problem transfers (not that he is) or headcases.  Coach is doing very well on the recruiting circuit and he is recruiting a particular type of player for each position in his system.  Heck, these kids might even end up better than Galasso.  I can think of a few SB alums recently who have, so why not?

What im saying is, we arent your big brother's SB, where 10 years ago we needed this kid and were willing to overlook whatever- grades, egos, injuries, etc.  Were good enough now.  With that said, with so many attackers graduating, i'd take him.  8)
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