Author Topic: 2017 Recruits- Class of 2020  (Read 10791 times)

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Re: 2017 Recruits- Class of 2020
« on: October 04, 2013, 08:39:34 am »
Mackenzie Rope '20
Pitt Meadows, BC / Pitt Meadows Secondary
6'1'' 165lbs

Wow, 6'1'' and he's probably around 15?
Mackenzie was the most valuable player on offense, defense, as well as the faceoff x this weekend for BC. Starting at the x, his skills were immediately made apparent. Mackenzie’s hand speed and physical dominance allowed for him to go hot out the front and create his own fast breaks. When he wasn’t able to push the ball forward, he was still usually able to get the clamp and draw it back to his wings. While most faceoff guys take off once possession is gained, Mackenzie usually stayed on for a shift on the offensive end and contributed a number of goals and assists over the weekend. When things did happen to go the other way, his size and speed were pivotal in killing the odd man rushes and preventing transition goals from the other team.
“Mackenzie makes an impact in all areas of the game,” said Hoskins. “He played a key role for us in transition as one of our top face-off specialists and was one of our main contributors offensively.” sky is the limit as far as Rope’s future goes in field lacrosse, as long as he continues to put forth the tremendous work effort he’s shown so far. Selected as a U-13 tournament all-star at the Denver team camp last summer, this is the second straight year that Mackenzie has been named to the tournament all-star team after moving up an age division in 2012,” said Hoskins. “Mackenzie is a great athlete and looks to have a very bright future in outdoor lacrosse.”

Looks like he can be used to faceoff, play offense, play defense, etc.  And some time to grow!
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