Author Topic: 2014 Recruits- Class of 2017  (Read 8775 times)


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Re: 2014 Recruits- Class of 2017
« Reply #75 on: February 15, 2014, 07:17:06 pm »
Let's not be an ass...nobody said he was the chosen one, but he was their top recruit and he couldn't get out of program quick enough.  He would have started for Stony Brook last night with Andreassi out.  Could have used him.

Eh, Prestreau put up great numbers senior year, but it's hard to really compare him to a guy like Bitzer who didn't play on a good high school lacrosse team, but was a stand out basketball and football player on good teams.  I'd actually be willing to bet Bitzer has a better college career than Prestreau when it's all said and done.

In general I don't blame Nagle at all for Prestreau leaving. I don't think the kid even finished out his semester here. I don't think thats a lacrosse thing.
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