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Re: 2014 Recruits- Class of 2017
« Reply #90 on: March 11, 2014, 01:04:49 am »
I still don't understand why your going at this kid. Is that what your life has come to? To give people a break down of his season?
Hes a shooter. Nothing else to say. They just lost to Denver 15-11, guess what! Prestreau had a goal! He was one for one. Every time his second line midfield group went out on the field, someone scored, so he's gotta be doing something right to be playing at a Ranked D1 team.
Let me get this straight tho, you believe every freshmen that Nagle took in was better then Prestreau? A kid who took his high school team to new levels and reaching a #3 spot in the Tri-State. A kid that if you look at the UnderArmour All-Americans, he probably had more goals then all the midfielders. Only reason he wasn't on that list was because he was committed to Stony Brook.