Author Topic: 2014 Recruits- Class of 2017  (Read 8775 times)


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Re: 2014 Recruits- Class of 2017
« Reply #75 on: March 10, 2014, 05:56:14 pm »
Does that have anything to do with Prestreau? I don't believe so, he would of probably would of put on a show just like he did to St. Anthony's (6g), Chaminade(2g), Wilton(5g) and to Ridgefield(4g). So what you just stated was useless. Bottom line, he's not the chosen one, but he is better then most kids in his grade. Give him time and he will shine.
At the end of the season, just let me know how it goes when half the freshmen class transfer out. And whats with the 2018 class decommitting? Looks like something should change with the attiude Coach Nagle is showing. Cant be good for a D1 program to have so many kids leave since he's been head coach. Whats it at now, like 9 or 10 kids leave over the past couple of seasons?