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Nope. CLEARLY you have any idea of who our son is- and if you think so, please provide our son's name or number. 

See the difference with some of us who played is we don't have to run around shouting and causing a disruption in the stands.It is just not something we do, because of the respect we have for the game, the players and the coaches. 

When I post (like others here) its to provide an "opinion" or context. I sent this post out because IMHO, you violated this most basic rule of the sport- which you don't see. Too Bad.

In all the years here, have never seen such disrespect from someone who is the Father of a player at the college level. I normally see this in pop Warner Leagues with Mommy and Daddy hollering every moment of the game while sipping on their $6.00 Latte from their folding chairs.

I knew you would not apologize and stated so. As to who coaches in the NFL etc... what bearing does that have on this thread?

As to "growing a pair" as an Army Ranger, that is something I don't need to do. I am sure you know all about war, so am sure you'll be providing all the aspects as to how to defeat any of our enemies shouting from a far away secure place, while the battle is going on.