Author Topic: The Official Stony Brook FB Playoff Thread - Bracketology!  (Read 2575 times)


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You are a  hypocrite... you also have a son on the field & you were bashing the play calling also in the stands & there were many others that heard you & even your family stated their dislike to the play calling.....

SBU line did not block well  in the running game & Maine strength is stopping the run;  coach elect not to use additional player on the line why.  When you continue to do the same thing again & again n get the same negative results thats.. insanity... you make the adjustments.

You also have selective hearing;  I never stated or pointed out one player & i stated a position TE & why we did we not use our TE more in the blocking & in  the short passing game against Maine. using a 2 TE set give you the option of blocking or getting the short pass off the line...  Maine was effective when they did this against us in the game.

We had Dennis #89  in the game for 1 play, we used Connor #88 maybe 7 plays; this team blocks better & we move the ball more consistently when they utilize 2 TE set... especially off the edge.

Sending Ray across the middle after a concussion the previous week  WOW;  SBU  have big bodies that can catch & we don't use them well 1  am tired of accusations of weaknesses in certain player it's a bunch of BS from individuals that are clueless. If you do not get reps in practice & use these players then don't ask for perfection.

N you to state which you did Saturday.... he thinks he know football but never played.... WOW. !% of the population makes to a D! program & you will find many coaches in the NFL & in NCAA that never played 1 down  at the D! level. 

And yes we all know you played & we don't know what we are talking about; doesn't half to be brought up again to us.

Now if you want to... GROW A PAIR..  instead of chatting n stating FALSE CLAiMS about others online;  i would love to talk w ya at pre game.