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here's a question.  over the past few years we've talked about attendance (usually in the context of making a conference/division jump). 

now we have the victories that we all agreed were requisite before filling the stands.  what impact has this then had on attendance???

total home 47356
over 6 games =
7892 avg home attendance

which is pretty good i think, considering some of the opponents, weather, etc.  Of course, the 12k homecoming weights it a bit but whatever.  now let's set a new goal and get in the high 9s next year. 


Attendance is increasing, no doubt!

We have a long way to go to achieve the goal of consistently selling out LaValle Stadium. But 2017 had the highest attendance average ever of 7,892 which is a great sign surpassing the 2015 season (avg. 7,268). It is significantly higher than Big South era attendance which was in the low 5ks. If we can make our student community as responsive as the local community the stadium would be selling just about every Saturday. Obviously, it has proved to be a huge challenge to draw the Stony Brook student community to the games. We need some serious reforms and marketing effort from our athletic department and the school to motivate student attendance. Student attendance was basically non-existent for the entire year except for the obligated marching band.
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