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Just got back from Maine, but wanted to post the since I had a long trip the think about this for a few hours.

One of you Dads- and you know who you (since you are always telling us how great your son is) should no longer come to the games. We went to the Maine game with friends of ours who invited us up and we sat near the rest of the SBU fan base (on the lower right).

Your CONSTANT berating of the coaching staff was unacceptable (especially as your son is a senior) and even our Maine friends and others were taken back by your loud mouthed "rants". I promised my wife I would not get involved since it was her birthday- but you were really over the top! If you don't know it that is even sadder.

While I am not a big fan of coaches on the sidelines giving it back to fans, Coach Frank was tired of listening to you and at least spoke up. Its too bad you did not stop. Wonder how your son felt about this?

If you do come to the game on Saturday, and if you cant refrain from these rants, maybe you should go back out in the parking lot and have a few more beers and holler all you want from your car.

As vocal as many of us our as fans and parents of players- you need to show some class. I would ask you to apologize but doubt you would.

Good luck to the boys and the coaches this weekend.