Author Topic: The Official Stony Brook FB Playoff Thread - Bracketology!  (Read 2462 times)


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If you think Coach P is calling the plays you are out to lunch. He turned the offensive play-calling reigns over to Coach Felus, who sits up in the booth doing the play calling. The no huddle 3 wr sets should be an obvious clue that things have changed as opposed to the 2-3 TE sets that were a staple of Coach Priore football in the past. I posted many of the 2017 stats last week. You should compare them to 2016 mentioned above. It is a night and day difference.
Maine’s defense played a very good game. They stuffed our run game. #10 was something like 10/34 passing for the game. If you were there you know his passing was erratic at times and also that his receivers dropped many balls.
The team plane left LI exceedingly late Fri evening due to mechanical problems. The team sat at the airport for 4+ hrs fri afternoon/evening. The team was out of sorts and it showed.
The thing I take away from this season is that this team is winning games that in the past few years they would lose. Instead of finding ways to lose, this yr they are finding ways to win. It has been a very special season. It is too bad you anti-Coach P guys have been unable to enjoy it. It has been a blast.