Author Topic: The Official Stony Brook FB Playoff Thread - Bracketology!  (Read 2406 times)


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I dislike the play calling & how they run the offence.  It's been several years & coach P always goes back to what he feels comfortable playing.

The stats don't lie & it's bad....

Time of pession   SBU 24:46   Maine  35:16

Total 1st down SBU   2 of 15   13.3%   This has not changed for several years; check out stats for the year ending 2016.

Yards per carry  2.2 yards

Worst part of watching our offence is 3rd down; basically saying give it to the D & hold them.

If it wasn't for Wagner losing 3 D players in the 3rd quarter; we could of been looking at a very tough win.

You cannot just overlook this; you have 2 options.... coach P continues to call the plays or he turns over the managing of the offence & quit over riding his OC.

I am very happy for the players especially the  5 & 6 year seniors their is a 11 in total; great way to go out.

Vendetta or HATE you STATED in a post.. very strong words & you should watch stating that about anyone.  There are many alumni who do not care for his style of coaching; if you want to do a fair assessment then you should put that out there for SBU fans & alumni to express their feeling on an option forum & vote. There are also players that do & don't care for Coach P & you will find that in every program.

I am very concerned about some some political issue within the program & sponsors; But that's another whole discussion which i am not going to even touch at this time.

Live in the moment w no regrets... always speak the truth & be fearless.......