Author Topic: The Official Stony Brook FB Playoff Thread - Bracketology!  (Read 2406 times)


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Thereís a difference between criticism and personal vendetta. We all criticize Coach P now and then.. when he makes head scratching calls. All coaches do that. But 9-2 record doesnít lie. CAA is a tough and respected conference... which we just saw in the selection of 4 CAA teams in the playoffs. Ok one win can be lucky.. may be two. Going 7-1 in CAA conference games deserves applause. Thatís not luck. Some of you want SB to lose just so that we can fire coach smh. Instead of enjoying this moment, arguing about bracket like normal fans, discussing about how not to screw up and take Lehigh game light.. like normal fans, you find every opportunity to diss the coaching staff. We are ranked 10. But you rather be happy if we went 1-7 in CAA and fired our coach.
Some fans are simply tired of mediocre results and unentertaining style of play for a number of years, when more is expected at university like SB.

I would understand that behavior if we were a school that is used to winning and being on the top. But we are not. We just landed at the CAA 4 years ago and have no previously established winning culture other than a couple of years in the Big South. So why the crazy expectations? I know Stony Brook University is a great University academically. But in sports we are still infants. We have a long way to go to develop and build a long lasting national brand (who knows if we will even make it to that level...) . To have the unrealistic expectations of our program is only going to set you up for disappointment.
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