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Now that all of the games that will effect seeding are completed, I think we have a very clear picture of the teams in the running for seeds. The following six schools are locks. The committee may manipulate the order based on rematches, geography or what have you, but these six will receive seeds for sure:

James Madison, North Dakota State, South Dakota State, Jacksonville State, Central Arkansas, Sam Houston State

The final two seeds will come down to two schools from this group:

Stony Brook, Wofford, Southern Utah, Weber State, Western Illinois, Kennesaw State

Kennesaw I'll eliminate right off the bat. They're 9-1 against the FCS just like we are, but they have a much weaker schedule and a D2 win. Great story and I hope they get an easy round 1 opponent at home, but no seed for them.

WIU has three losses and the committee might not either want a third Valley team, or the resumes of the two loss teams are better. They've got an "FBS" win over Coastal and a non-conference win over NAU, but three losses against the top of the MVFC. They didn't beat any of those top tier teams in their confrerence. Good resume, but I ultimately don't think they get a seed from the committee. You never know though. They're our biggest threat.

Weber St. has a D2 win while we do not. They have a good win over Montana, but lost to SUU head to head and Montana losing today makes that win not quite look as good. If they give Weber a seed over us despite playing in a weaker conference and playing D2 teams, I'd be legitimately upset.

Southern Utah - Outright Big Sky champion via the h2h autobid, 9-2 overall, 9-1 vs the FCS. The committee could choose someone else for a seed, but I doubt it. I'd give SUU a seed and I anticipate they'll get one.

Wofford - Needed overtime to beat a couple weak opponents in the SoCon, a weaker league than the CAA. The committee respects the CAA and MVFC the most out of the two leagues. A committee member has said so themselves. Their FBS loss to South Carolina wasn't bad, but ours was a much more competitive game against a ranked USF. Our loss is of higher quality and should be to the committee as well. The game was never in doubt, meanwhile we gave USF a legitimate scare and were leading in the fourth. Their OOC consisted of Big South teams and like us they're 9-1 against the FCS. If they get a seed over us, that'd be complete bull****.

In my mind, it'll come down to us or WIU for the final seed. Our 9 wins to their 8, should give us the edge and seed. We're a 9-2 team in the CAA. No team has ever done that well in this league and not gotten a seed. If they decided the Valley was just better and decided to seed three Valley teams compared to only one for the CAA, I'd be able to live with that as WIU has some good wins and the Valley is incredibly competitive. If any of these others get a seed over us I'm going to be seriously upset and call into question the judgement of the committee.

1. JMU
3. JSU
4. UCA
7. Southern Utah
8. Stony Brook
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