Author Topic: The Official Stony Brook FB Playoff Thread - Bracketology!  (Read 2573 times)


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Re: The Official Stony Brook FB Playoff Thread - Bracketology!
« on: November 11, 2017, 10:36:44 pm »
I'm still hoping we get the bye and/or some craziness occurs to get us the CAA title. We must beat Maine and then have Southern Utah, South Dakota, and probably a couple more lose. There's still a chance we can get the seed and/or a bye. I think there's a scenario where if Elon beats JMU we may win the CAA title, but I'm not entirely sure. JMU beating Elon would definitely boost our odds of getting a seed though, so it's almost like it's either we win the conference, but potentially don't get the seed, or have JMU beat Elon and get the seed, but not win the conference title. Very interesting situation. I'd hope we'd get a seed over Wofford if we beat Maine (as they're going to get killed by South Carolina next week), but that's no guarantee. Wofford's playoff resume isn't as good as ours.