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Re: SBU Football players in the AAF...
« on: November 30, 2018, 05:03:25 pm »
well clearly you don't know who I am but SH does VERY well! As a matter of fact we've had GREAT conversations over the years BOTH in person and on follow-up emails, and BOTH positive and negative AS HAVE OTHER PLAYERS PARENTS. I know for instance this past week about 10 of the seniors parents engaged with SH on "things to improve upon" and SH takes all our comments as he should as the AD.

And yes, as LATE as last Friday night at the hotel when we drove all the way down to the game, we had a very good conversation. Coach P certainly knows my feelings, as does our son's position coach and was a four year starter.  I don't have hide behind ANY keyboard or come out on NSD. The $$$ we gave to the school and Coach K knows us quite well. The fan forum should be a tool used to provide BOTH positive and negative comments, and yes thoughts as to how things are going.

The sad part I bet is that the "marketing" gurus on SBU football don't come on here to see how the "customers" feel.. Maybe if the coaches and marketing folks get more "engaged" with the players and fans this board may not be the only place folks can engage.

 have in the past discuss athletics with coach P.