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Re: SBU Football players in the AAF...
« on: November 28, 2018, 04:07:58 pm »
well, with not a LOT of NFL guys in the league right now from SBU the goal should be to try and at least get some of our Alumni's some free press! Heck we have done it for the other sports programs here when people are playing in lessor known leagues so we should do it for the ballers. Guess I'll pop a note to SH. He's at least someone who would call the knuckleheads over in marketing to try and do something. 

As for the coaches, you may be right, but am sure at some point they were contacted.  Sad though that Coach P didn't. This league has a BUNCH of P5 players on it and even some former NFL guys. and has some serious $$$ behind it