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Re: Richmond
« Reply #45 on: November 04, 2019, 01:18:31 pm »
On the coaching situation letís say for the moment that the SBU job is open in my opinion no FBS assistant coach would want to come here since anyone good is probably making the same or more than our HC. The only schools that have sent their HC to the FBS are JMU and North Dakota State plus the Collegeís that moved their program to the next level and kept their HC.

Lyle left SBU because he had aspirations to be a HC in the FBS and his best option was to go there as an assistant

So now the options are assistant coaches from a top FCS program like a JMU but again if their any good they would go to a FBS program as a assistant

It comes down to money for not only the HC but his assistants with the cost of living scaring many coaches away

Having said all of this I have someone in mind but I will keep to myself

"Having said all of this I have someone in mind but I will keep to myself"

That's okay. don't tell us but please do tell Shawn Helbron. Enogh is enough with this school sowing their true, FCS colors..
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