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First off Liotine never fumbles. He has been a major contributer this yr. Hes not being showcased dor next yr. That was a great strip play by the def. He was not used enough last yr. I love Bedell too but he hasnt been able to finish seasons healthy since he has been here. I would like to see Gowins out of the rotation. Conner Davis #88 is a blocking TE and they have been throwing to the other TE #45 Daniels. Delaware was a good team and there were a couple of shotty calls by the refs, still no excuse but it wasnt a total meltdown.
Game 6 uniforms unveiled. Looks like we'll be wearing a dark navy blue jersey very much like the ones our basketball team wore a year or two ago with the white helmet and the white pants.

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I'm not a fan of black alternates anymore, so I actually really like these. The push to make blue an accent color is officially on and not just a one off occurrence.