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Re: Homecoming - UNH
« Reply #30 on: October 18, 2017, 12:02:55 pm »
The conference rebalanced   the teams placing us with Delaware , Towson and Villanova .  We have the CAA North with UNH , Albany, Maine and URI and the CAA  South with W&M. Elon , Richmond and JMU . We will continue to play Albany  as our rival team each season as  we do now.   We are the CAA I guess  Mid Atlantic Division .

The CAA wanted to bracket teams by where they are for travel consideration the remainder of who they play will be done randomly. I also think that Albany will remain on our schedule

This was put out prior to the 2017 season by the CAA

Ah, I see. Didn't think that would matter all that much given we're talking football and the CAA is quite compact geographically in the grand scheme of things. Our team really doesn't need to fly to games all that often anyhow. Compare our footprint to something like CUSA which has to fly all their teams (not just football) all over the place on a weekly basis and we really don't have it bad at all.