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Re: Homecoming - UNH
« Reply #30 on: October 16, 2017, 04:36:23 pm »
The fact that UNH remains ranked is a joke.  Their FBS win is overless 0-5 GA Southern.  They lost to Holy Cross - a 2 win FCS school. They also lost to SBU while we remain unranked (or ranked 26th depending on how you see it). UNH has yet to beat a team with greater than 2 wins thus far this season.
The boys have to just keep on rolling.  Cannot afford to wind up with same record as UNH or Nova at end of year - both are darlings of the FCS polls and when it comes to FCS playoff seeding. JMU, Richmond and Elon already appear headed for playoffs.  Can't count on CAA getting 6 spots.  And Delaware also is coming on strong.

Clearly, SBU is off everybody radar in the CAA and in the FCS poling.... All they can do now is just keeping winning. 7 wins wont get them the playoffs, that's for certain..

Everybody knows the coaches (or whoever the hell actually votes in these things) don't actually watch the games. I think once the committee sits down to decide the seeding for the playoffs and whatnot, we'll get a more fair shake. The Massey composite has us at 17 and New Hampshire down at 45 lmao. The computers look at us much more favorably and those will likely be taken into consideration come playoff time. I wouldn't freak out yet.

7 wins may not get us in, but perhaps we wouldn't deserve to be in with 7 wins. We avoid JMU, Elon, and Villanova this year, so winning the Richmond game becomes more crucial than it otherwise probably would be. Montana is an FCS blue blood and who knows how many the MVFC will get into the playoff. I've always said though that 8 wins will get us a spot and 7 will keep us in the conversation for one. The Richmond game may decide our season. Win it, and there's no reason we can't win out, finish 9-2, and potentially get a bye. Lose it, and who knows. We should at least finish with a winning record since Wagner is still on the schedule.
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