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Another tale of two halfs. I think the only complete game was against Sacred Heart, but as we say a win is a win. Great job all around for the adjustments. OL opened a nice hole for SB to get through and then he was off! As many of us have said, we just need to keep feeding him as much as we can because he seems to get stronger (and not taking away from 33 or 23).  Bolden another strong night as well!!!

The CAA stats currently have something we have not seen in a LONG time and that is the offense is leading or at the top in a lot of the categories. Good for them.

Glad to see another local product NC get a chance to kick, and looks like AL is struggling. Hopefully with two weeks off he can get it back together. Taking any points off the board in a game can hurt us.

Also, as someone else stated the punt team is doing very well and we pinned them back on several occasions and twice we got points from that so, giving credit to them for covering the ball and 57s punts. So, all of the three categories helped us win this game IMHO.