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Grant Family Awards... who do you think?
« on: November 23, 2016, 03:36:24 pm »

Now that football season is over and basketball is under way, maybe we could set aside our differences, and try to acknowledge in our own ways as to who we think might be the young men who are honored on December 4th. Here's my "guesses"

Offensive POY- or the Ernest Owusu MVP- (I have two of them) Ray Bolden and Timon Parris- with a slight edge to Parris, and ONLY because Ray won this last year- but they both had very good season.
Defensive POY- could either be Woods or Beverette- but both were very good along the 11 game stretch
Defensive Rookie of the Year- Sam Kamara
Ray Downey Special Team's Award Marc Nolan and/or Beverette
Fred Kemp Award- Stacy Bedell
Mark Motroni Award- Donny Liotine.

Lastly, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and safe travels who are part of the 27 million traveling!

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