Author Topic: Game 7: HOMECOMING vs. Rhode Island  (Read 888 times)


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Re: Game 7: HOMECOMING vs. Rhode Island
« Reply #30 on: October 23, 2018, 05:07:37 am »
FCS HC that leave for the FBS usually go to lower end programs as a HC or a bigger program as a Offense or Defense Coordinator. Coach P is in his late 50's so I'm not sure that he would want to do that he likes having total control with a free rein so the only reason I see him leaving is for a huge payday or to retire (I can see coaching for10 more years) which I don't see happening.

I agree, and i also believe coach P will finish out his coaching years at SB. I just don't see SB letting coach P go because he isn't winning the conference year after year. It's hard to fire someone if he keeps the team in the middle of the conference. I think that's where SB will ultimately finish this year and quite possibly years to come.

AS long as JMU stays in the FCS they will always be at the top of the conference or very close to it every year and ELON is turning into an FCS powerhouse with their recruiting. Ad in Delaware as the next team to be reloading, that puts us at around 3rd place in the conference. Enough to get you an invite into the playoffs every year, essentially sealing the deal for a new, coach P contract in the offseason.  This is how I see it playing out...