Author Topic: Game 7: HOMECOMING vs. Rhode Island  (Read 888 times)


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Re: Game 7: HOMECOMING vs. Rhode Island
« Reply #30 on: October 22, 2018, 01:08:49 pm »

We should probably be more worried of losing coach P than firing him at this point.

 ;D ;D

This is interesting, as usually when a coach is a superstar at a lower level, he's quickly poached by a higher level program. You see this all the time. P5 programs take G5 coaches, G5 programs take FCS coaches, etc. With that in mind, I give JMU's coach one, maybe two more seasons before he leaves for an ACC job, he's got that program rolling and P5 athletic departments are taking notice...

What coach P has managed to do as SBU is do well enough to stick around, but not great enough to get poached by an FBS school. It's quite funny when you really think about it. That said, Rutgers will be needing a new football coach soon.... lol

Come on, it's really rare for FCS coaches to get head jobs at the g5 schools. Those jobs almost always go to assistants from the p5 or the NFL. The only recent FCS coach I remember getting called up was Craig Bohl. And that was only after his third straight national championship at North Dakota State, and that offer was from the Mountain West powerhouse that is Wyoming (sarcasm). Its not exactly fair to criticize Priore because he hasn't gotten an FBS offer. If we had stayed in the Big South, I bet he would have had job offers from CAA schools a la Danny Rocco. The profile, and pay, of the Stony Brook job has risen with Coach Ps success here.