Author Topic: G9: STONY BROOK @ JMU - SNY - 3:30PM  (Read 1342 times)

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Re: G8: STONY BROOK @ JMU - SNY - 3:30PM
« on: October 26, 2018, 11:13:33 am »
bennett gives us +6

TV/Streaming: MASN/SNY/Eleven Sports/CAA.TV

Key Player: QB Joe Carbone is always the key player in the Stony Brook offense. The running game has been solid all season. Carbone just has to protect the ball to give the Seawolves a chance. Stony Brook never asks Carbone to go win the game, they just expect that he will not go out and lose the game. In the loss to James Madison in last year’s playoffs, Carbone threw five interceptions to five different Dukes. If Stony Brook is going to have a chance in this game, Carbone much be more efficient than that. The Dukes feed off of turnovers, so for the Seawolves to stay in the game, Carbone has to protect the ball.

Coach Mike Houston was able to use the week off to allow some players to heal some bumps and bruises, while also getting the team back to some of the basics of the schemes that they may have been short on in the previous few weeks. The Dukes are kicking too many field goals when they get into the red zone.

Fantasy Bonus Baby: WR Riley Stapleton has been the go to receiver for quarterback Ben Dinucci. Stapleton leads the team with 41 catches, 482 yards and five touchdowns. When DiNucci is extending plays, he looks for Stapleton along the sideline. In most red zone situations, Stapleton is the end zone target.

Houston said JMU is going to have to get as many players to the ball as possible to try to slow them down.“
 Because you don't see one guy bringing those running backs down,” Houston said.

“They have such size up front, and they're going to just lean on you all day long,” Houston said. “And it really takes a lot out of you. So we're going to have to have some fresh bodies in the ballgame.”

Houston said the Dukes will likely see three basic defensive fronts from the Seawolves: a 4-2-5 (similar to JMU), a 3-3 stack and a “Bear” front.
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