Author Topic: G9: STONY BROOK @ JMU - SNY - 3:30PM  (Read 1374 times)

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Re: G8: STONY BROOK @ JMU - SNY - 3:30PM
« on: October 25, 2018, 05:27:05 pm »

“You’ve got to play the game within yourself, you’ve got to be yourself,” Priore said. “When you look at how Elon won that game and you look at the close games they’ve played, you can’t be looking at trying to create situations — you’ve just got to let them come to yourselves.”

Fortunately for Priore and his team, they operate under the same offensive approach as Elon. With a run-heavy offense, sticking to who they are as a team may give them their best shot against JMU while also staying true to their offensive identity.

A matchup that may only be seen a maximum of five times on Saturday could be the most intriguing battle of the day. JMU has done tremendously in all aspects of special teams — returns, kicking and return coverage — but so has Stony Brook.

For a JMU offense ready to get a full game of consistent and steady play from all its talents, the game plan is simple. Given that the Seawolves have a strong front seven and  secondary that can be exposed, spreading the ball across the field early on will set up for an easier sledding.

“Coach Kirkpatrick always does a good job every week of trying to attack the weaknesses of what our opposing defense does,” redshirt junior quarterback Ben DiNucci said. “Any time you can try to push the ball vertically down the field or get guys space on the edges that always good.”
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