Author Topic: G12: NCAA R1 - Stony Brook vs. SE Missou St.  (Read 2316 times)


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Re: G12: NCAA R1 - Stony Brook vs. SE Missou St.
« Reply #90 on: November 26, 2018, 08:55:02 pm »
I am really impressed with what Shawn has done with basketball and the other scholarship sports. His decision to extend Priore middle of the season was bizarre and I don't really understand it. There is so much money thrown around college football at mediocre to bad college coaches (Exhibit A: Chris Ash at Rutgers; Exhibit B: Bobby Petrino at Louisville).

There are so many talented kids on this team and I'd love to see them take the next step. Our quarterback situation is going to be really interesting- if we can get a good FBS transfer (which should not be too tough honestly), that could be huge.

I'm a sucker so I'll keep out holding hope for this team to take that next step towards greatness. I'd love for football to take charge but I don't see it barring big changes in how this program does things.