Author Topic: G12: NCAA R1 - Stony Brook vs. SE Missou St.  (Read 2345 times)


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Re: G12: NCAA R1 - Stony Brook vs. SE Missou St.
« Reply #15 on: November 19, 2018, 06:54:33 pm »
Lets acknowledge some of these seniors and the careers they have had. Guys like Haggert who came back from 2 acl surgerys to be a 4 yr starter and captain. Liotine who wasnt expected to do anything as a walkon from a small school, to one of the top backs in the CAA and in the top 5 at SB in rushing and all purpose yds. McGinty and Lawless both in top 5 in tackles. These kids are easy to root for. Stony Brook is not lucky to be in the CAA, they earned it by doing what they did in the big south. If you are an alumn and root for the school then do that and enjoy the kids who play for the team. Hard work goes into making the playoffs 2 yrs in a row. Home game wouldve been nice but lets not say that Heilibran screwed up the bidding process. The lose yesterday probably had to do with that. The only mention on this thread about this team is how Priore stole your lunch money. Coaches are coaches, the players make the engine run. The feeling of failing so the coach goes is really getting old. That is not supporting the players or the team. What hasnt been mentioned from yesterdays game was the lame flag thrown on Wheatley for taking his helmet off during the hailmary celebration. That moved the kick back and thus brought on the squib kick. Bottom line is this team is in the playoffs again so either get on board or jump off cause its getting old.


I couldn't have said it any better. This team is deserving of our support. We need to enjoy the moment. Half of the programs in the CAA would love to be in the playoffs right now. Guess what? We are in it, back to back years.

We are building success at Stony Brook little by little. Lets look at the bigger picture guys!!

And thank you to the players and Coach P for giving me at the very least one extra game to watch at home this Saturday! So excited!!!

Kumbaya time????????