Author Topic: G11: Rivalry Week - Stony Brook @ Albany - Empire Clash - aka: GET THE GOLDEN APPLE!  (Read 1230 times)


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I've been watching SBU for awhile now and go to many games. In the past it has been a "tale of two wolves" - which team shows up. Against AF and Towson, that was the case. But since Towson, I have seen a much more focused team that held Delaware to 3 points. Not even NDSU did that!

Our running game is fantastic as the line has played like a full unit. Give Coach P much credit for that.

Our defense is great. 37 is great off the edge, 35 is his usual great player with playmaking ability, and now you have 41 flying all over the place. What a set of LB's! And the secondary has done quite well. 11 looks like an NFL player.

We should crush Albany this week. It's going to be cold and harsh weather. Bury them early and its blowout city. 35-3 prediction.

Welcome SBUwahoo!