Author Topic: 2012-2020: Football Schedules  (Read 15059 times)


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Re: 2012-2020: Football Schedules
« Reply #345 on: September 12, 2018, 04:09:06 pm »
I can see us winning  4 CAA games this year in close ones.  There are no easy teams around this  season so 4-4 in CAA with two non conference wins gives us 6-5 for 2018.   The CAA teams we should beat are  Richmond, Albany , Towson and UNH since there starting QB is out injured and may not return .  The other 4 games we will be in but not being able to pull a win . Don't be surprised if Villanova or Maine  knocks off JMU also . The Wildcats and the Black Bears are very good this year.