Is this time to let go Coach Priore?

No way... In coach P we trust.
2 (25%)
Canít wait get rid of him. Seen enough of him. This is his ceiling.
6 (75%)

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Author Topic: Does Stony Brook Football need a new direction?  (Read 1682 times)


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Re: Does Stony Brook Football need a new direction?
« Reply #30 on: December 06, 2019, 11:04:30 am »
SBU does not need a new direction and this is why I say that;

Since 2015 SBU has the 2nd best record in the CAA

Coach P is not there to coddle his players heís there to mold them and if they canít take it then they should leave

As fans we have to realize what this University is about and that is Research if you want athletics to be #1 then you have to add programs like Teaching and Business Administration

Recruiting is going really well the players leaving are walk-ons and malcontents

What Coach do want to hire thatís realistic in getting

As far as getting more people in the stadium I wouldnít count the students so they have to come up with better ideas that will attract people such as giveaways and game times

I know I will get a lot of pushback on what I just wrote so bring it on and by the way I rather have Coach P over some of the other names that people throw around on this forum.

Campi. as always i respect everything you are saying and you do have more insight to what is going on behind closed doors, however. As fans we want to see a new direction with SB football. We want to see them start winning and become a perineal powerhouse.

Coach P was given all the tools, money, resources to make this happen but SB constantly shows us when it comes to tougher opponents they get crushed. yeah, they may beat the likes of, Sacred Heart, Bryant, CCSU, but when it comes down to stronger teams in the FCS , they cant seal the deal. And almost winning only works with hand grenades and horseshoes.

To be continued!
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