Is this time to let go Coach Priore?

No way... In coach P we trust.
2 (25%)
Canít wait get rid of him. Seen enough of him. This is his ceiling.
6 (75%)

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Voting closed: December 01, 2018, 06:27:01 pm

Author Topic: Does Stony Brook Football need a new direction?  (Read 1793 times)


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Re: Does Stony Brook Football need a new direction?
« on: November 17, 2018, 08:22:26 pm »
I'd pay for his buyout myself if I had the means.

 I would do the same, buddy. Coach P blew this game and most likely cost this team a playoff birth. Way to go Mr. Money bags. You are the man!!!!!!!!!!

I don't want us to be in tomorrow. I hope the committee leaves us out as we don't deserve a spot, but unfortunately, the rest of the FCS has been so bad, that we're still likely in the playoffs. We were ranked #10 in both polls this week and everybody lost. My best guess for a first round match-up is either at home against Monmouth, or on the road against Maine next week. Winner travels to Colgate. We could also be at Colgate next weekend if Colgate doesn't get a seed. I can think of maybe 5-6 programs with resumes that warrant a playoff seed. Only 2-3 of those will get one.