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Re: 2020 Commitments
« Reply #15 on: December 06, 2019, 12:41:45 pm »
If Coach P is losing the players confidence you couldnít tell that from the players who will be signing their LOI on December 19 from what Iím hearing between 8-11 players will be signing that day in addition there will probably be around 6 transfers coming in February

While players will be transferring they are walk-ons not scholarship players

Yet despite all of that talent and "confidence" Coach P has only delivered two winning seasons since joining the CAA while taking some brutal losses along the way. Maybe it's more so the school than the Coach? SBU is for all intents and purposes a Big Ten university playing in the FCS. That will be appealing to just about any kid who wants a quality education, but isn't athletically gifted enough to play in the Big Ten or ACC.

This program should be much better than middle of the pack in the CAA.