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Re: 2020 Commitments
« Reply #15 on: November 28, 2019, 07:02:18 am »
I think Zamot is going to get a shot next because while Fields is a tremendous athlete hes not consistent so at the very least Zamot becomes the backup and this is my opinion and I could be dead wrong because I also like Cassidy

I agree. I would like to see either one of those two start over Fields. Fields could have turned into an amazing QB. He has all the tangibles to be one, but under the existing coaching staff at SB he is being held back. He has the size, smarts, speed and accuracy to be a really good pocket passer.

SB needs a college-ready QB who is a day one starter right out of high school who was already groomed and taught how to play at the next level. SB coaching staff cant take a good QB and turn him into a great QB, it wont happen. The problem with that is. What kid with those skills wants to play for SB when they can go to a big conference and be noticed.