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Re: 2019 Commitments
« Reply #30 on: November 05, 2018, 03:42:04 pm »
I know many of you are hoping that SBU brings in a QB either as a freshmen or a transfer however I don't see that happening as right now we have 4 coming back Fields, Cassidy, Sanchez and Zamot so unless at least one of these 4 leave I don't see another one being brought in.

The transfers that I see them going after are OL/DL/LB

Campi, sadly but true. Can you shed some light on this very old subject. What is going on with SB not finding a decent QB since Essington.  What chatter have you been hearing in regards to this problem? 

I can only speculate and say this. SB is no secret as being a ground and pound team so one would think that if you are a decent pocket passer, SB is the last place you want to go play at, right??? Maybe I am missing something else. Why cant they bring in a talented grad transfer or any transfer?