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Re: 2018 Football
« Reply #210 on: December 22, 2018, 02:03:27 pm »
We all keep talking on new threads and old threads about the future of SBU Football so I just want to make some points about that;

Many FCS Programs have moved up to FBS and there are other Schools that are contemplating moving up at this time. In fact it's my opinion that the lower FBS Programs are really the high end of the FCS.

The CAA is still the elite conference and I say this because look at the competition in all the other conferences so what I would like to see is the CAA play the winners of all the other FCS conferences in a regular season game as an example CAA against the Big South, CAA against NEC, Etc.

Lastly I think SBU has to play against 2 FBS per year (elite program like say Oregon and non elite like Old Dominion)

I just wanted to start a conversation and look forward to others opinions

I would love to see SB play 2 FBS teams every year. I am not so sure would do one P5 and one G5. Playing two G5 teams gives us a chance to snag a win or two, thus putting us on the national radar. If all we do is play a power team year in and year out, chances are SB wont ever win another FBS game.
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