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Re: 2018 Football
« Reply #30 on: June 04, 2018, 02:23:00 pm »
Hammer not sure if you know this but Lindenhurst and Northport have dropped down to Division II

I think it will be Floyd (which is loaded) then either Melville or Connetquot but I think the Melville Coach has this program in a very good place and they should contend year in and year out.

On Fathers Day Mike Devlin who coaches for the Houston Texans has his linemen camp over at Connetquot HS and he brings many of the Texan players it's a great opportunity for linemen

I knew about Lindenhurst and Northport dropping down, but i did not hear about the lineman camp at Connetquot HS, Ill have to ask my son about it. Coach Boultrek usually sends the parents information on up and coming football camps and competitions. I didnt see this one... Thanks for the heads up ....

The Devlin camp at Connetquot HS is closed to Registration, June 1st. My son didn't know about this one and coach Boltrek didn't tell anyone. Interesting..