Author Topic: 2017 - Game 4: Towson 6PM  (Read 896 times)

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Re: 2017 - Game 4: Towson 6PM
« Reply #30 on: September 26, 2017, 09:37:21 pm »
If you guys remember a few yrs back there were a lot a season ticket holders complaining that they couldnt get a spot in the front lot if they didnt get to SB early. As to the students and fraternities go, at 2012 , 2013 homecomings there were a bunch of fights and bad drunken behavior. I get it I went to SB but if they were going to make it family friendly they needed to clean up the behavior. As far as the family tailgaiting area I agree that they should move the Seawolve town stuff onto the grass behind the scoreboard. Then if they want they could charge say $10 a car to park in the tailgate area. Lets remember they dont have to let anyone drink beer being that it is a college campus. I pay $60 for parking in the lot next to the infirmary. Its only feet away from the seawolf town spots. I think 10 bucks a game is fair to tailgate. I agree $125 is too much but again that was in response to season ticket holders bitchin about not getting spots. I was told this by Christina who used to work the ticket office. So u cant have both, either u welcome families in or u let the students go nuts. Remember they are not going to make money off the students.