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Re: 2017 - Game 4: Towson 6PM
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My last statement about attendance, at least in this thread.

In 2014 we had our best average attendance despite having a so-so team that year. But the tailgating was great, parking was free, and students were given some freedom to party up and enjoy the fall days in LaValle's parking lot. I had a group of alumni 7-8 tailgating together.... Even frats and DJs were showing up.

The year after that the school makes a bunch of reforms and kills the tailgating experience and prices out a bunch of season ticket holders out of the main lot. WHY? For a few thousand bucks? Is that worth it? Killing the season-ticket holder/student experience for a few thousand bucks?

Students will not come to a College Football game if they don't find it fun (unless they are fan of the sport). That's the bottom line. We cannot blame them for it. If you are not a fan, why else would you show up? Make it fun darn it!

The University and the athletic department have to strike a balance between a family-oriented game-day experience and a college-student oriented experience. Not everyone goes home on weekends. Every time I walk through the Brook prior to gametime I see students everywhere. I see kids in the dining hall, library, out enjoying the weather... Probably about half of the kids that live on campus stay on weekend. This perception that everyone goes home is FALSE. It's simply NOT fun to be at the game. You cannot even have a sip of beer in the parking lot before the cops make a fuzz about it.

The only reason I drive from the Bronx all the way to SBU it's because I'm a fan of the sport and of the Seawolves. But you cant expect the average causal fan to have the level of commitment we have here. It's not going to happen. We need pro-attendance reforms on campus, urgently!
Spot on ecasdoSBU.. You nailed it. SB raised the parking this year to $125 for the season. In the grand scheme of things that's cheap compared to other universities. But for some people, thats expensive. I did notice that there quite a few empty lots around out tailgating area..

SB is light years away from being a big time football school, so they really need to put a leash on the price increases for tickets and amenities, otherwise your casual fan will not attend and the fan base will diminish back to the dark days..