Author Topic: 2017 Empire Clash - vs. Albany (Game 9)  (Read 2053 times)

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Re: 2017 Empire Clash - vs. Albany (Game 9)
« Reply #75 on: November 07, 2017, 03:59:04 pm »
Slow your roll SBUFootball. First off i have no family members on the team and i have been following SBU football for 27 yrs ever since I played there. I never said 88 has no hands, someone else commented on him dropping the ball. What i said in regards to the return game was that it is not uncommon to use your starting backs on returns, a lot of schools do it. Liotine is averaging just about 24 yds a return wich is the same ave that Alston had last yr. I never said Alston cant play. As far as the defense goes I gave some credit to the other teams for having good QB's and WR's , dont quite get the prevent def statement. What is your point about who 88 works out with, its irrelevent. And yes he is talked about on this thread like he is Gronk. I didnt dog him i said he was a versital player who put the team first. As far as you teaching me anything, save it dude. I have seen this program first hand from Div 3 when we played on a jr high school field. I watched Coach Kornhauser take it to the new stadium and FCS level. And I have watched them for the last 10 yrs with Priore have some ups and downs. I will take what the school has now over playing by the train station in front of 100 people. Save your lessons for someone else and if you are going to call me out by name get your facts straight.