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Re: 2017 Empire Clash - vs. Albany (Game 9)
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Quite frankly I think many (of not all of us) have issues with Coach P- but there is NO WAY our current Defense is number #1. Just as point of reference we are #3 in total defense and that is just in the CAA only (our pass defense is 9th) and 10th in Red Zone defense.  As to the Tight end, I don't care if he is 6'8 or 5'8. Does he have the hands to make the catches? (two weeks ago he dropped an easy pass). He had an awesome block in the USF but if you think he's better than the others that is certainly your opinion but I don't.

I would keep Donnie W off the Punt returns (every game he lets one punt get away from him) especially as we get closer to the playoffs we need someone who can field the punts.

Joe C has the players he believes are the ones he wants to go to in game situations and comes from practices during the week. Ray Bolden is LEADING the conference in a couple of categories and that is awesome for him.

This game should not have even come down to an OT if the OL blocks on the 3rd down and Carbone did not try and lateral the ball- KNOWING a FG would have made it a two possession game. Any HS QB who has been playing QB should have that dialed in to his brain on this down. 
And with our current schedule (whether some want to knock the strength or weakness of it) the fact is that is the schedule, and as of today, we have the best record since we joined the CAA (heck just look at Elon who thought they would be in the hunt?) My worries is we don't finish strong against Wagner and Maine. But at some point in time the "balls" you write about have to also come from the players as well especially the seniors. This is what "senior Leadership" means.