Author Topic: 2017 Empire Clash - vs. Albany (Game 9)  (Read 2110 times)


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Re: 2017 Empire Clash - vs. Albany (Game 9)
« Reply #60 on: November 06, 2017, 06:45:01 am »
I've been following SB for the past 3years and i said it and i will say it again COACH P play's to win but coaches to lose i will give you and example.  why are you not playing your best player's you have one of your best defensive player's on kick return if he gets hurt that would be a big blow to your defense your running game is predictable i watch this time after time 8 sometimes 9 defender's in the box's and he still runs the ball risking injury to your backs you have 6'8 tightens  utilize them you have one of the best backs in the conference you have some of the best receivers but most of all you have the #1 defense.  this school hasn't had a winning season in years. Your in a playoff hunt and this coach is playing like this is just another game when you really look at it i believe the team wants to win but the coaches don't know how to win COACH P. I think you need to dig deep down inside your soul put all this personal s_ _ t to side  leave your feelings and emotions at home grow some balls and get out there and take this team to that 🏆

Coach P will never change his style of football.  I am very concerned his contract will be renewed when we make the playoffs. How can Heilbron not renew?? I want nothing more to see SB go deep into the playoofs, but I know that will only seal his new long term contract.