Author Topic: 2017 Empire Clash - vs. Albany (Game 9)  (Read 2072 times)


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Re: 2017 Empire Clash - vs. Albany (Game 9)
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agreed! How do we go from there third quarter to the end and then the start of there 4th with a Delay of game? Then Joe's third down play- was just another one of those "Joe Moments" he seems to have (last week he ran out of bounds late in the 4th quarter).

Defense really was very subpar- especially when we pin them back on the one and they go 99 yards. 

I am no way putting up an alarm, but am a bit worried about how this team (and Coach P) can get up for Wagner- after all that we needed to do today to beat a team we should have manhandled-especially in light of the playoffs. But Let's keep going forward!